MPF Technology to Advance Meat Quality, Yield, Shelf-life and Succulence

 As soon as meat, poultry or fish starts the journey to the family table, time becomes the enemy. Physiological changes begin to occur that rob the qualities that are natural to fresh meat protein products and define the ideal eating experience. The word that captures  the various qualities we want in all foods is "freshness". But, in the meat business we refer to shelf-life, juiciness, succulence, taste, natural flavor, appearance and texture. 

Meat processors use a wide range of tactics in the battle against time. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest, and it can be overlooked once collective momentum has moved in a different direction. MPF's Succulence System technology is a new approach born out of breakthrough understanding of meat proteins and how they do the things  they do. By working  with pH and natural meat, MPF's system can deliver desirable characteristics to meat products to ensure a higher quality product for longer, and without additives and ingredients.