The Succulence System:

MPF's Patented Meat into Meat Technology:

MPF's Succulence System is a new process that produces a superior, healthier fillet or meat product, --while improving yield. We do this by using natural meat protein to achieve the same goals processors seek from phoshates and other ingredients. Instead of phosphates, add the protein from the species you're processing.

Reduce or eliminate phosphates

Restore succulence to frozen meats

Increase raw and cooked yields dramatically with cleaner label

Pre-cook yields equal to or better than phosphates

Cook yields superior to phosphates

Use meat instead of other ingredients to make meat better

Establish a new control of quality/consistency in intact meat cuts

 MPF helps meat and fish processors implement a patented process to improve the health profile of protein food products by reducing or eliminating undesirable additives, and improving appearance, shelf life, succulence, and taste-- all while producing cost beneficial yield enhancement.