Today, Reducing Additives is a Market Driven Priority

For more than 30 years the fish and meat industries have used basically the same phosphates and salts to achieve increased yields, shelf life and juiciness. It works, it's inexpensive and it is a familiar solution. However, it also results in producing seafood products treated with chemicals that consumers are turning away from in ever larger numbers. It's probably only a matter of time before regulatory agencies require more expansive disclosure.


Phosphates really do change the taste and appearance of seafood while doing the good things they do. The "status quo" has been fine, but now there is a real alternative.

MPF's Succulence System is a new process that produces a superior, healthier fillet or meat product that will open new sales and marketing opportunities for premium products, -- while improving yield. This is all done by efficiently extracting good meat from trimmings, racks and other lower value protein sources  to "put meat back into meat". 

Today, Reducing Additives is a Market Driven Priority

When meat proteins are used with our patented process they can deliver many of the functional characteristics that led to the use of additives including salts and phosphates. Why not use meat to achieve the same goals?